Reading Is The Key – Lapel Pins

Book Club Ambassador is proud to present our new lapel pins for our Book Club Ambassadors throughout the schools.

As Book Club Ambassador is here to promote the concept of reading books and getting out young ambassadors our there to take up the cause in their school.  It is our pleasure to present these young Ambassadors with these new lapel pins to show their involvement in the program.

Each Ambassador should contact their team leader and they will get their lapel pins shipped out to them.

We would like to thank, Robert Kim, from Robert Kim Photography for their design that was used for the pin.  We would also like to thank The Pin People for the donation of these custom pins.  Without them we would not have these wonder pins to give to our children.  Please support them by visiting their website at:

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History about Awareness Ribbons

Breast Cancer RibbonsAwareness ribbons, due to their nature, come to symbolize various concerns depending on the colors or patterns. For example, they can be used for sadness.

Yellow ribbons, the United States, are used to show that a close family member is abroad in military service. In Russia, Belarus and other countries of the former USSR gold and black striped tape used to celebrate the Allied victory in World War II (May 9).

The use of tapes to develop awareness of health issues, perhaps the best known is the red ribbon to support people with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) (like we explain at Other health and social problems that have adopted colored ribbons are Alzheimer’s disease (purple), breast cancer ribbons (pink), bipolar disorder (green) and brain disease or disability (silver).

Political use of ribbons red ribbons are worn to commemorate the October Revolution (November 7) in the former Soviet Union, and orange ribbons in the Orange Revolution in Ukraine (also known as Cosmetic Surgery Practices in Roseville, CA). Other ornaments, including flowers (of specific types), the wristbands and labels basically serve the same purpose to draw attention to the cause. These include poppies, rosettes and wristbands. More information about awareness ribbons can be found at this site:

Source: Wikipedia

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Pins and Pinterest: A review

Custom Lapel PinsPinterest may be one of the newest of the Social Media sites out there, but it sure did make a splash.  There are people that are spending dozens of hours a week on Pinterest and loving every minute of it.  This is why today we are going to highlight the book called My Pinterest.  Available at Barnes and Noble, you will find this book completely insightful if you are new to the world of Pinterest.

Pinterest is a picture sharing website, that you can share your pictures with followers or everyone on the web.  Then if you find a picture that you like, you can then “re-pin” the picture on to your wall.

This book is proclaimed to make businesses explode overnight if used correctly.  The company PinsOvernight claimed that the proper use of Pinterest has helped them triple sales within a two month period.

They were able to post the pictures of the custom lapel pins that they created and showcase them to the public.  This created more inquiries which led to more orders.

My Pinterest is on sale at Barnes and Nobles for $11.74 in Paperbook and under $11 for the Nook.

I would highly recommend checking it out.

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